Bring these cards into your garden, and let the garden bring the meaning of these cards to you. 🥀


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Ghosts of the Garden Shadow Puppet Set

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Ghosts of the Garden come out in the night, looming a mystery that blooms in the light.

Throw a shadow puppet party, for yourself or others, adorn blank walls, or hide under the covers. Ghosts of the Garden fill a room with old-time spooky magic. They make lovely backdrops for treat jars or, with just a bit of moonlight, scenes to craft one's own whimsically eerie tale. Fine details emerge the larger you allow their shadows to grow.

Each box set includes nine high-quality paper shadow puppets designed from original ink illustrations, along with wooden dowels. Featuring: Botanical Ghost, Hanging Bat, Ghoulish Butterfly, Gravestone, Iris Serpents, Ghost of the Garden, Rose Serpents, Sunflowers, Haunted Harvest.  
To awaken these ghosts from beyond tape or hot glue a wooden dowel to the back of each one, add the flicker of light and watch them ignite. (Hot glue is recommended.)

Bonus: Includes The Batflowers Halloween EP.
 Limited Edition | Ships within three to five days. 

The Batflowers are Nicole Rallis and Peter Henry Reed, artists weaving visual and sonic creations into haunting tales. 
Designs are the original works of © Leila + Olive. All rights reserved.