Bring these cards into your garden, and let the garden bring the meaning of these cards to you. 🥀


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Original botanical Oracle card decks, illustrated by hand, rooted in mythology and infused with plant magic, herbalism, botanicals, the natural world and plant life.


Leila + Olive is an art brand created by New York City-based illustrator, gardener, and designer Nicole Rallis. Since 2015, Rallis has devoted her enchantment with the union between nature and mystical transformation into building botanical-inspired works, including three renowned tools for divination: the Pythia Botanica Oracle, the Ophidia Rosa Tarot, and the Maiden Oracle

Created with both timeless and immediate, heartfelt impulses, each Leila + Olive piece, from botanical decks to limited-run illustrated prints, draws on elements near and afar, from the soil to the stars. In particular, mysteries explored among botanical growing seasons and Rallis' Hellenic heritage appear as regular touch points in the work.

Thousands of readers across the world, from San Francisco to Paris and beyond, have taken personal journeys with these decks, sharing as they go with readings and musings on their connection to botanical magic. Among other outlets, Leila + Olive's work has been featured in NYLON, frankie, The Numinous, and Enchanted Living.