Pythia Botanica Oracle

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  • Pythia Botanica Oracle - Volume I

    Rooted in mythology and infused with plant magic, the Pythia Botanica Oracle is an intuitive botanical Oracle deck featuring 48 hand-illustrated and tea-stained cards.

    We invoke the myth of the Pythia, an ancient priestess whose visions channeled prophecies from Hellenic gods. Also known as the Oracle of Delphi, her divinations were steeped in mystery and enigmatic wonder―a trusted presage that loomed in the hearts of all who sought to persist against fate.

    Each of these floral cards were hand-illustrated with care, complete with guiding words to hone in on deeper, personal meanings behind the magic, mythology, history and healing properties inherent to such botanical gifts. Read the Pythia Botanica Oracle cards in traditional Tarot spreads and allow the spirit of these plants to guide you.


    The Pythia Botanica Oracle Deck includes:

    - 48 hand-illustrated and tea-stained botanical Oracle cards.
    - Beautiful, durable cards with Antique Gold gilded edges.
    - A bound guidebook that fits inside the box, with instructions on how to read with the Pythia Botanica Oracle, corresponding botanical illustrations and thoughtfully written meanings.
    - A sturdy, two piece box to carry the Pythia Botanica Oracle and guidebook wherever you may travel.


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    I embarked on this journey of creating the Pythia Botanica Oracle with an uncloaked spirit, open mind and hungry heart, lost in plant magic and guided by Mother Nature through the illustration of each card. From my earliest memories, I have felt a kinship with nature. Being amongst plants is where I am most at peace, most evergreen, most purely myself. Through this work, I have dug into my own Hellenic heritage, finding among roots of botanical enchantment a mythology both below and beyond where those first seeds were sown.

    May you feel the heartfelt vision, love and journey behind the Pythia Botanica Oracle, the beauty of botanicals around us and the healing force within.

    The Pythia Botanica Oracle artwork, design, and writings are the original works and property of © 2016 Nicole Rallis of Leila + Olive. All rights reserved.