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The Garden Is Seen, Yet Also It Sees

Maiden Botanical Oracle

Brimming with colors upheld by green leaves, the garden is seen, yet also it sees.

New blooms have sprung with a flurry under the warm Summer Sun, where light found its way from the surface to the root, to the garden at large, from the face of the bounty to the face of the cards. In the Spring, this garden was planted with intention, drawing from these sister decks with hope that seeds sown from below might find my eye in an above-ground future. And so it has: the surface of my garden sprouting with the loveliest of blooms, like a luminous bulb switched on and powered by the dazzling energy of Nature. To dig a little deeper, meanings are held therein, too.

An otherworldly Hibiscus, imbued by immense, mysterious beauty dances in the wind with a message from the present tense: be here, aware, and fulfilled with one's own moment's perspective. Flowering Tobacco paints the soil's sky with star-shaped heads at dusk, an astral call for balance and humility. Irises emerge between branches as a sign to reach out, both from oneself and one's inner-circle, from familiar places of comfort to discovery of the unknown.

leila + olive garden tarot decks

Breadseed Poppy shares blooms of such wonder before their enchanting petals fall away. This is a call to Remember Dreams, the unconscious space where fears combat wishes, where lurking below lies one's friend or foe. Sweetpea persists amidst weeds, where we and Sweetpea find an angle through obstacles, a glint of light peeking through shadows. Cup & Saucer Vine is our Echoed Path, a reaction to external woes that lays out the road around or through strife. Yarrow, the Maiden's Chariot, has joined this Summer's bounty, as a healing gift grown from tarnished spokes, from our tested fortitude to our brightest hopes. And lastly, behold our beloved Rose: Open hearts, stand with virtue, and share where we have stood.

Garden botanical tarot deck and the matching plant archetypes for the cards.