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Our Garden Journey: Uncovering the Pythia Botanica

The Botanical Oracle decks. Each of these plant and flora inspired, intuitive tarot card decks delve into the garden and the natural world while remaining rooted in mythology and tradition.
The Universe Expands as Our Garden Grows, With All New Plants to Wilt All Woe.

Rooted in mythology and infused with plant magic, the Pythia Botanica Oracle is the original intuitive, hand-illustrated, botanical deck that has been enchanting so many around the world since it first sprouted in 2016. 

It’s been years since this deck of plant magic first bloomed! Join me in celebrating Pythia Botanica Oracle’s near-decade of garden reads, perennial spreads, and weathered fate from the stem to the Sun. To take on 7 more years, a Second Volume has sprouted with 48 all new cards, plants, blooms and guidebook.

Find futures among these 96 cards, either with a single set or with both Volumes combined. The guiding spirit of these botanicals finds us where we are and where we may hope to go.

Botanical Tarot deck and Botanical Plant Oracle decks, illustrated by hand and rooted in plant magic. Each of these cards, from the Ophidia Rosa to Pythia Botanica, draw upon the garden journey, plant kingdom, ancient Tarot and poetry.
Nature's Intuition, Emerged of Soil, Bloomed Before Us, A Fate to Foil 


This journey of creating the Pythia Botanica Oracle was embarked upon with an uncloaked spirit, open mind and hungry heart, lost in plant magic and guided by Mother Nature through the illustration of each card. From my earliest memories, I have felt a kinship with nature. Being amongst plants is where I am most at peace, most evergreen, most purely myself. Through this work, I have dug into my own Hellenic heritage, finding among roots of botanical enchantment a mythology both below and beyond where those first seeds were sown.

Each card was hand-illustrated with care, complete with guiding words to hone in on deeper, personal meanings behind the magic, mythology, history and healing properties inherent to such botanical gifts.

May you feel the heartfelt vision, love and journey behind these decks, the beauty of botanicals around us and the healing force within.

The original plant magic Botanical Oracle deck, Pythia Botanica is hand-illustrated, gilded in gold, rooted in mythology.
New Seasons Begin with Unearthed Meaning


To read with these decks is to reseed belief in oneself. Be it answers held within or questions to be posed, the cards serve as a window peering into corners: a prism of truth, or a reflective glare beaming purpose back upon oneself.

Both Volumes of the Pythia Botanica were designed to be read intuitively, to tap into inner candor with the hope of finding personal, contextual light from our pulls. They can be read combined, alone, or alongside a Tarot deck in traditional spreads.

Before reading with these cards, it is important to embrace the wide latitude that an Oracle deck uniquely offers, to bring an open mind, open heart, and pure intentions to the table. I always spend time with my decks, and get to know the cards on the one-on-one level that one might meet a person or group of individual energies. Look through each card, appending the guidebook with your own intuition to unearth meaning.

Bring these cards into your garden, and let the garden bring the meaning of these cards to you.

Botanical Tarot and Botanical Oracle card decks, illustrated and painted by hand. Each of these botanical and flora inspired, intuitive tarot decks delves into the garden and the natural world while remaining rooted in mythology and tradition.