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Iris Magic From the Garden to the Cards

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leila olive art
"There are always flowers for those who want to see them." - Matisse

If Winter's garden was a blank canvas, this Spring's first buds have felt like imagination sprouting from the page. Art and plants oft-entwine in these ways for me: An idea, like seeds, below the surface, then sketching out a vine to where one's hues become painted blooms.

Summer approaches and my garden is prepared to meet it. Iris, Poppies, Roses and more greet me each morning — a magical moment as sudden and stunning as the images received in unconscious dreams.
leila olive art
leila + olive botanical tarot garden
iris leila olive
Within the garden canvas comes this rainbowed palette: Iris, the endlessly-hued messenger Goddess and mystery-steeped bloom. Sharp leaves like swords prop up deceptively delicate petals that present a world either closing or unfolding per the eye of the beholder.
iris botanical tarot deck cards

Iris as illustrated in the Maiden Oracle as "Below the Robe" (left) and in the Ad Orbita Tarot as the Queen of Pentacles (right).

Iris contains meanings in the Maiden Oracle and the Ad Orbita Tarot, as well. From the bulbs of ideas sprung from this Spring's garden painting to the cards:

Below the Robe

The goddess Iris offers a veil, a robe that becomes rope to pull us from our depths into a better place. A kindred spirit to the Maiden’s Persephone card, we are protected by a traveler between two worlds with Iris. Her dress is swaying among our shoulders, tangled on our ears. We must reach outside ourselves and be carried clear from fears.

Pentacles Queen

Nurture the magic of ancient light set on untouched surfaces with the Queen of Pentacles' Iris. So much time is spent fearing the unknown, or wanting for its surprises. Yet here we rest at peace, as it settles or rises.

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