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A Garden Bouquet for the Waxing Crescent Moon

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This emerging Summer Solstice season is a key time to set intentions, to brim with botanical spells and ground oneself. As the garden blooms with a first flush of Roses, Clematis, Foxglove, Nasturtium, Peony, Passion Flower and more, a garden bouquet sprang up for this week's Waxing Crescent moon. I've spoken before about how a garden with intention meets the harvesting of bouquets whose meanings we wish to harness. And so, I thought, let us journey into this space again.

garden flowers for crescent moon

For the above bouquet, I plucked homegrown blooms whose potent symbolism I wished to call back into power. With Pythia Botanica decks in hand, I headed into the sunlight. I first reached for English Rose, a call to "Hold Petals." This is a budding beauty for true love that feels lost yet cherished in a memory, or true love that remains close enough to cherish today. This Rose is the gift we bestow upon ourselves, to be unconditionally loved and unconditionally enough.

Then came a delicate pluck of our "Endure" bloom, the Passion Flower, when the act of outlasting all mistrust, fear, doubt, hesitation, maturity and derision arrives as our most profound celestial gift. Blooming when we choose will be our finest proof.

botanical tarot deck cards for the moon phases

This was followed by Peony's call to "Salvage Seeds," which both reminds us of humble beginnings and to gather up present sparks of inspiration for times when they are most in need. Nasturtium joined in with its "Begin Forever" energy. This serves as an everyday reminder most befitting on days of poignant lethargy. Dusk is the dawn of the night. Light our next candle with the last.

Finally, this bouquet is towered by petals of Foxglove, Pythia's "Unspoken, Unsummoned," for moments when self-preservation makes strange bedfellows with self-deception. Foxglove asks us to keep peril at bay by waiting out what's lying await.