Full Moon Smudge Wand


  • Full Moon Smudge Wand
  • Full Moon Smudge Wand
  • Full Moon Smudge Wand
  • Full Moon Smudge Wand

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A dried botanical wand to bring radiance, peace and clarity. A tool in rituals and ceremonies to cleanse negative energy from spaces, objects or people, utilizing smudge wands is a tradition going back to ancient times. 

Symbolic of wholeness, the Full Moon is a portal of illumination ― a time of action, creation and fulfillment.

All Sagebrush, herbs & flowers were freshly harvested over the Spring/Summer from independent growers Coast to Coast, before being lovingly arranged, bound and dried in my home studio. Full Moon Wands have a combination of some or all of the following: Sagebrush, Yarrow, Roses and Wild Flowers.

Limited Edition | Ships within three days. 

Each wand is unique & may vary slightly from the photographs.

Note: If you choose to burn your wand, do so at your own risk and with caution. When burning any type of herbal wand, be wary of falling embers or sparks that may occur, use an abalone shell or heat-safe dish and never leave a flame unattended. You are responsible for being aware of any personal allergies or adverse conditions as they might relate to this wand. 

Designs are the original works of © Leila + Olive. All rights reserved. 

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