Bring these cards into your garden, and let the garden bring the meaning of these cards to you. 🥀


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Ghosts of the Home Shadow Puppet Set

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Ghosts of the Home creak in the night, cloaked in the darkness 'til you turn on the light.

Throw a shadow puppet party, for yourself or others, adorn blank walls, or hide under the covers. Ghosts of the Home haunt with old-time spooky magic. They make lovely backdrops for a Halloween table or, with just a bit of moonlight, scenes to craft one's own whimsically eerie tale. Fine details emerge the larger you allow their shadows to grow.

 Each box set includes nine high-quality paper shadow puppets designed from original ink illustrations, along with wooden dowels. Featuring: Lunar Witch, Bat Witch, Flying Witch, Haunted House, Vampire, Botanical Cauldron, Stacked Jack O' Lanterns, Black Flame Candle and Floating Harp.  

To awaken these ghosts from beyond tape or hot glue a wooden dowel to the back of each one, add the flicker of light and watch them ignite. (Hot glue is recommended.)

Bonus: Includes The Batflowers Halloween EP
 Limited Edition | Ships within three to five days. 

The Batflowers are Nicole Rallis and Peter Henry Reed, artists weaving visual and sonic creations into haunting tales. 
Designs are the original works of © Leila + Olive. All rights reserved.