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The Maiden Oracle

The Maiden Oracle is wedded to independence and weeded of despondence. Through 68 cards ― earthborn botanicals, ancient mythology, and the Tarot's Major Arcana ― we seek clarity from chaos, vision against division, and a fellowship of blooms that can only sprawl from empowerment sown within. 

Pythia grew from the garden, Ophidia Rosa of timeworn truths, and now the Maiden Oracle  my third work of botanical divination  has grown its firmest root in fertile soil. A humble garden journey, hands smudged in soil, has thus far brought me here. The Maiden Oracle deck completes a trilogy of floral searching, a quest left standing tall among the fruits of labor, among all that's crawled before and all that will forever grow.

The Maiden Oracle holds:

- 68 hand-illustrated & tea-stained cards—22 Major Arcana cards coupled with 46 enchanting, Botanical Oracle cards. 

- A full guide book with thoughtfully written meaning, including the botanicals illustrated throughout the deck, an introduction into the Maiden and instruction on how to read these cards.

- Beautiful, durable Botanical Oracle cards with Antique Gold gilded edges.

- A sturdy, two-piece keepsake box to carry the Maiden Oracle deck wherever you may travel. 

The Maiden Oracle: Ships within one to three days. 

The Maiden Oracle artwork, design and writings are the original works and property of © 2017-2018 Nicole Rallis of Leila + Olive. All rights reserved.