Bring these cards into your garden, and let the garden bring the meaning of these cards to you. 🥀


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'Starborn' | Hand-Painted Edition of 50

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Where ancient light at night reaches our sight.
Edition of 50

An original ink illustration using the highest quality archival materials, so that your print will last forever.

Starborn is printed on beautiful, textured archival paper. In keeping with the act of creating art by hand, each print is then lovingly hand-painted with watercolor and antique gold ink that glimmers in the light by the artist. No two pieces are identical, as each are made with unique, tactile elements

Signed and numbered, 5.25" x 7.25"  

Original work and property of ©2020 Nicole Rallis. All rights reserved. 

*Please note: This print must be purchased separately if shipping to Canada or Overseas.