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Ophidia Rosa Tarot

  • The Ophidia Rosa Tarot came to be over a year-long period, cared for and pondered through four seasons of natural change. While framed by the tarot's ancient tradition and structure, my botanical world―full of such transformation, from the soil to the seedling, the sprout and the bloom―placed an emphasis on change bursting forth all around me.

    Something more intuitively tangible was born of the tarot, where even the phases of the moon and the mysterious, serpentine movements of creatures in the garden brimmed with a power for botanical prophecy, contemplation, redemption and a quest.

    Each of these 78 botanical cards draws on the tarot's timeworn truth carried closer to home. There's always something growing in our hearts, transforming ourselves and our visions, from the soil to the stars.

    The Ophidia Rosa Botanical Tarot deck holds:
    - 78 hand-illustrated & tea-stained floral cardsthe full Major & Minor Arcana.
    - Beautiful, durable cards with Antique Gold gilded edges.
    - Thoughtfully written guide with meanings meant to inspire and stoke intuition.
    - A beautifully designed, highest quality, two piece box to house the Ophidia Rosa wherever you may travel.

    Ophidia Rosa Tarot - Ships within one to three days.

    The Ophidia Rosa Tarot artwork, design and writings are the original works and property of © 2016-2017 Nicole Rallis of Leila + Olive. All rights reserved.

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